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Angel Art - The Angels' Welcome
"The Angels' Welcome"

Angel Art - Angel Choir

Angelic Assistance - "The human mind is a powerful broadcasting and receiving station...When human thought is strongly directed toward a particular order of angels, a mental signal is dispatched and received by members of that order. If the entirely selfless, the angels will unfailingly respond." Geoffrey Hodson, Angelic Co-operation...
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More Angel, NDE & Afterlife Stories,
plus many ways to help the animals.

Angel Art - Comforting the Animals II
(Most compassionate people know that living creatures are not ours to eat,
wear, hunt, experiment on, use for entertainment or otherwise abuse.)

Angel Art - Angel of Comfort
This website was created primarily to bring comfort to those whose loved ones have passed beyond our sight - a visual reminder that death is not the end, but simply a voyage into a new dimension of living.

Originals are no longer available, but Giclee prints can be special ordered, and gifts can be found in our Angel and Fairy Gift Shop.

You can also read about the Actual Purpose of Angels, and you will find that they are far more than just "Messengers". Angel Art - Angel On The Threshold

The Angels and our loved ones have often revealed glimpses of the beauty and love that await us at the end of our journey here. This has been told in many reports written by those who have explored these regions or have had Angelic encounters during their near-death experiences. The most enlightening are the communications of the souls through the world's finest medium, George Anderson.

Then there are the visits of the "Earth Angels" - those who are with us at home, in hospitals, on highways and hillsides - the nurse who brings a message of comfort, the hitchhiker whose words give us hope, the workman who guides us away from danger; and when we turn around to thank them they are gone, sometimes leaving physical objects behind to let us know it wasn't just our imaginations. We've all had encounters like these over the years, and you can read about more of them at Angel Stories.

Angel Art - Returning to Light

We thank you for the Angel or Fairy stories and the experiences with your loved ones - the stories that you have sent in the past. You may read them here: Your Story.

Many people found comfort in having a portrait of their loved one portrayed as an Angel or surrounded by one or more Angels. (See Angels with a Soldier.)

"You've helped me in a way I can't explain...It still bothers
me to look at pictures of Megan...but when I look at this, it tells me
what she has become...Thank you so much for easing my heart." -- Danette M.

Angel Art - Megan

(Read Megan's Story)

Angel Art - Kevin's Picture

"...I really believe that you have channeled from heaven
much of what you created in the portrait...It is amazing how
a visualization can be so healing." -- Kevin Williams

Fairy Art - Flowers and Fairies

We Also Have...
actual photographs of Angels, rays and orbs of light or other mystifying objects - most of them taken by people who didn't realize anything unusual was there until the pictures were developed - and books about Angels, Fairies and Elves.

~ Don't forget to see the FREE Angel and Fairy Clipart here ~

Angel Comforting the Animals

How can we help?
Visit Animals Are Souls, Too! ...and they have Angels!

Visit the Angel Art Galleries...

Angel Art Gallery 1
Angel pictures entitled, "Angel on the Threshold",
"Unseen Comfort" (A young man who passed away in war brings
solace with the help of his Angel escort) and "Returning to Light"

Angel Art Gallery 2
Pictures of Archangels: "Archangel Portrait" and "Archangel Guide"

Angel Art Gallery 3
An Angel of Peace in "Peace on Earth." Also, "Angel at Dawn"

Angel Art Gallery 4
"Prince of Peace" and "Homeward Bound"

Angel Art Gallery 5
Guardian Angels in "Guarding the Children" with more to come

Angel Art Gallery 6
Rainbow Angels

Fairy Art Gallery
"Flowers & Fairies" and "The Fairies' Harvest"

Angel Art Open Edition Prints
"Violet Angels" and "Violet Angel at Sunset"

Angel Art Open Edition Prints 2
Angel prints "Peace on Earth-Good Will to All"
"Angel in the Nebula" and "Angel at Sunset,"

Fairy Art Open Edition Prints
"Fairies & Roses" and "Fairy Friend"

Angel Art Early Works
Blue Angel, Rose Angel, Gold Angel and Angel Portrait

Angel & Fairy Gift Shop
Angel and Fairy Cards, Calendars, Posters,
Shirts, Clocks, Cups, Baby Clothes, Boxes and more.

Angel & Fairy Posters
Two Angels are featured on this 12" x 18" poster:
the Peace Angel and the Rose Angel, with more posters to come.

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